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Song Premiere: Sarah Borges “Wastin’ My Time”

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Sarah Borges — “Wastin’ My Time”

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of her song “Wastin’ My Time,” the first song from her forthcoming album Together Alone, due to be available on February 18. The album was produced by Eric Ambel, mixed by Mario Viele and Ambel, and mastered by Richard Dodd in Nashville.

“Wasting My Time” (written by Borges/Ambel) is Sarah Borges on acoustic guitar and vocals; Eric Ambel on electric guitars and tambourine; Keith Voegele on bass; Ryan Rogers on drums and Rob Arthur on Hammond organ.

A quintessential pandemic song capturing the initial shock and isolation the whole world went through, this song might well be placed in the time capsule of history for people in the future who are curious about what it felt like.  It’s that good at capturing that shocking feeling, both lyrically and with its low winding electric arrangement. 

“Wasting’ My Time” is the first song I wrote for the Together Alone record. We were at the beginning of the pandemic and had just entered lockdown, and I felt sad and stuck, worried about money and the future. The words came easily as I asked myself what I could do to make it more bearable, maybe even productive in a creative way. The song is unusually autobiographical for me, and can still conjure up those early worries that persist even now. — Sarah Borges

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