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Video Premiere: Judy Paster “Perfect Gift (Remix)”

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Judy Paster — “Perfect Gift (Remix)”

Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Judy Paster’s song “Perfect Gift (Remix),” just in time for the holiday season that’s currently upon us.  Paster released an earlier version of this song last year, but this one was produced by Bill McDermott at Omni Sound Studios in Nashville. “Perfect Gift (Remix)” was written by Judy Paster, Rhonda Funk, & Corey Lee Barker in Nashville.

“Perfect Gift (Remix)”  is Bill McDermott on electric guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and organ; Judy on vocals and acoustic guitar; and Tania Hancheroff on background vocals.

The video was produced by Dalton Smith in Franklin, Tennessee, and filmed in downtown Franklin.  (Find him at @manwithpogo on Instagram.). This is a happy-go-lucky holiday song — complete with cocoa, Santa’s indecision, and wrapping up your lover.  There’s no chance that listening won’t cheer you up.  Try it!

”Perfect Gift (Remix)” is a fun, infectiously hooky song you will want to listen to again and again… 
– Bill McDermott, Producer, Omni Sound Studios- Nashville

“Perfect Gift (Remix)” is a super fun song that will bring rhythm & warmth to your whole body and soul!”
-Judy Paster, Artist

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Find more information here: https://www.judypaster.com


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