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REVIEW: Robert Connely Farr “Ain’t Enough”


Robert Connely Farr released a new album in September, Ain’t Enough, which was tracked, mixed and engineered by Liam Does, and recorded in Vancouver, British Columbia.   This album was hot on the heels of Farr’s album “Country Supper,” which came out last winter.

Album opener “Ain’t Enough” is a crooner with acoustic guitar playing to set the mournful stage.   “Give me John Prine, give me a cup of coffee, give me 20 minutes laughing with my wife, that’s called having the time of my life.  This song is bittersweet and thoughtful.

His grungy cover of Jimmy Duck Holmes’ song “Goin’ Away to Leave You” then takes you to the gritty, dirty side with a heavy grounded bluesy swagger.

“I Get By” flips back to the brighter acoustic music but treats the most difficult of subject matters — his own cancer battle.  It’s a rare subject matter that most musicians skirt, but Farr tackles it straight head on.   “Ain’t No Other Way” is another heavy lyrical exploration of the hard times testing relationships and the human spirit. “Gettin’ Richer Blues” and “Truck Stop Girl” are both signature Farr songs, delving into the recesses of human struggle.   The full length album beckons to be listened to all the way through.

The entire album is a platform for Farr’s easygoing talent.  Great songwriting and the deepest bluesy music should put this album at the top of lots of people’s lists for best music of this year.

Robert Connely Farr is a native of Bolton Mississippi who cut his chops with Charlie Patton before moving to Vancouver, British Columbia.  A regular of the Benton Blues Festival and a disciple of the Benton Blues (a là Jimmy “Duck” Holmes), Farr is someone whose name you need to know.  Someone get this guy a record contract.

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