Album Premiere: Mabilene “The Other Side”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere stream of Mabilene’s album The Other Side, due to be released on November 19.

The Other Side was produced, engineered and mixed by Jordan Lehning at The Duck. String arrangements and orchestration were also courtesy of Jordan Lehning.  The album was mastered by Casey Wood, with vinyl mastering by Barry Grundman. Photography Wilde Company. The cover image is by Jen Fountain with design by Karla Baker.

Musicians on the project are Mabilene on vocals; Jeremy Fetzer on guitars; Eli Beaird on bass; Anders Fleming on drums;  Charlie Worsham on mandolin; Jordan Lehning on piano, B3, vibraphone, Glockenspiel and backing vocals; Austin Hoke on cello; Cassie Shudak on viola; Avery Bright and Zach Casebolt on violins; Jennifer Kummer on French horn; Grace Woodworth on oboe; and Hadley Kennary on backing vocals.  The Other Side has it all — from hearty swagger, through easygoing carefree numbers, to lilting gentle songs of hope.

In deciding which songs to include on the record, what to title it, and what tracks should be singles, I kept coming back to The Other Side because I believe wholeheartedly in its message. Most of us live in the gray – in the paradox. And we need to find a way to move out of our extreme polarization; to live together while transforming that which no longer serves us. The Other Side is both an invitation and a call to action. In a landscape where it seems women are meant to stay in their lane and sing about their love life while looking young and hot, I’m joining trailblazing friends and (s)heroes who are stepping outside of our fear, standing in values and leading with love. — Mabilene

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