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REVIEW: Charlie Worsham “Sugarcane”


Charlie Worsham — Sugarcane

With his youthful appearance and an enthusiastic vocal delivery that pops from the speakers with each listening session, Charlie Worsham feels like the new kid on the block, but the seasoned singer-songwriter is already a few laps deep into his impressive musical career.

Following on the heels of his 2017 full-length Beginning of Things, his new EP Sugarcane – available now on Warner Music Nashville – is a wait worth having made as the Music City veteran brings his blue collar Mellencamp-like vibe to singles “For The Love,” “Half Drunk” and the title track, which kicks off with a guitar lick that is every bit as seasonally delicious as the one made memorable on Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer.”

Sugarcane is produced by Jay Joyce, the Grammy Award-winning producer who worked to established Neon Cross Music and has helped to make household names out of Eric Church, The Wallflowers and Miranda Lambert, to name a few. That slick, hit-making studio magic is apparent on each of the six songs, but it is Worsham’s storytelling ability that grounds the EP in a relatable reality.

In “Fist Through This Town,” he taps into his inner Springsteen, giving us an angst-ridden journey through the middle class struggle, and in “Hang On To That” the listener is treated to a nostalgic trip down a memory lane that anyone who is struggling to come to terms with aging parents can find common ground in. “I got a Rolling Stones’ T-shirt dad bought for me at my first rock show/It’s worn and torn and frayed, I wear it everywhere I go/I put it on, it takes me back to a lighter in the air, Jumping Jack Flash/You know I can’t throw it away, might have a Keith Richard’s of my own someday.”

As someone who is prepared to pass along his favorite Butch Walker T-shirts to his own son some day, this is the kind of real-life connective tissue that people hope to find when listening to a songwriter’s creative offerings, and, much like the song’s title suggests… you’ll hang on to it – including the Sugarcane EP – well beyond your first introduction.

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