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Song Premiere: Jackson Lynch “Thanks”

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Jackson Lynch — “Thanks”

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Jackson Lynch’s song “Thanks,” written by Leonie Evans, from his forthcoming  album All By My Ownsome, out Nov. 12 (digital) and Jan. 14 (LP) via Jalopy Records.

The album was recorded live to tape at the Jalopy Theatre in August 2020, then recorded and mixed by Jon Atkinson of Bigtone Records, and mastered by Jon Atkinson & Don Fierro.

“Thanks” is Jackson Lynch on guitar and voice.  There is a fairly ubiquitous yearning for the past that characterizes people in general nowadays, and especially marks Americana music fans in particular.  This song automatically places you, the listener, back in time, sitting on the front porch, watching the leaves turn, while you reflect on the meaning of friendship.  Listen and experience for yourself.

Leonie Evans is one of my favorites. She wrote this song called Thanks. I learned it from her in New Orleans, singing backup vocals on her recording of it, which appears on her album, Collaborations, Vol. 2. She’s my good friend and this is a real special one about friendship. I can’t get it out of my head, and I hope I’ve done some justice to this beautiful song. Thanks Leonie! — Jackson Lynch

You can find lots more information and order the music here on this website: http://jalopyrecords.org/

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