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Video Premiere: Linda Draper “’81 Camaro”

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Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Linda Draper’s song “’81 Camaro,” from her forthcoming album Patience and Lipstick, due to be available on January 21 via South Forty Records. The album was produced by Jeff Eyrich;  mixed by Dae Bennett at dbSound; and mastered by Scott Hull at Masterdisk.

“’81 Camaro” is Linda Draper on vocals and acoustic guitar; Doug Yowell on drums; Jeff Eyrich on upright bass, six-string bass, and acoustic 12-string guitar; David Mansfield on pedal steel guitar and mandolin.  The video was directed by Jason Yantz.  With sunny day amusement park scenes and the low bass intro, nostalgia is instantly triggered.  Linda Draper has a peppy song for you, carrying feelings of longing, in a delightfully blended brew.

“’81 Camaro” is a nostalgic tune and also the current state of life I find myself in now as I gear up for a move from New York, where I’ve lived my whole life, to the North Carolina coastline.

It’s about longing for the days of innocence, all the while knowing that those days are behind me, still living for the joy that each moment has to offer, even if I have nothing but gratitude and the holes in my pockets to give in return.

The video for this song is about a day in the life of anyone in anywhere America and was partly inspired by Norman Rockwell paintings.

I have never had more fun making a music video. We shot it in Orlando, partially at Fun Spot amusement park, checking out the coolest classic car show in town, playing games in the arcade, going on rides, and drinking beer.

As the scene turns to night, I dip my toes into country line dancing (shot at Cowboys, also in Orlando.) I will forever be changed by witnessing authentic country line dancing in person. Everyone instinctually just knew all the moves, it was so beautiful and graceful.

I was truly humbled and inspired by this country line dancing culture and thrilled that we were able to capture at least a glimpse of it in this video. If these beautiful folks at Cowboys one day developed a country line dance for ”81 Camaro’, all of my dreams will have come true. – Linda Draper

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