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Song Premiere: Yosh and Yimmy “Proof”

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Yosh & Yimmy “Proof”

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Yosh & Yimmy’s song “Proof” from their upcoming album, which is scheduled to be released late this year or early next year. This single will be available on October 29th. It was produced by Mason Shirley and Yosh & Yimmy and then it was mastered by Dave McNair. The music and lyrics are by Josh Glenn & Jimmy Wilden.

“Proof” is Jimmy Willden on vocals and acoustic guitar; Josh Glenn on vocals and ukulele; Kris Redus on drums, percussion, and hammer dulcimer; and Mason Shirley on bass.

The duo creates a sense of suspense with simple instruments and then plays their lovely songs that are somehow whimsical and unpretentious with a depth of complexity at the same time. They craft some very catchy tunes with memorable lyrics to boot, plus their harmonies are wonderful.

“Proof” has a modern Appalachian pop-folk feel to it. The song describes a walk through nature and frames it as a metaphor for life. It’s also about seeing the beauty of nature for the first time in a long while, and learning to be more in tune with the pockets of nature we encounter daily— Jimmy Willden

Yosh & Yimmy have music available here: https://yoshandyimmy.bandcamp.com




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