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Song Premiere: Sheri Miller “Waking Up to this Miracle Life”

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Sheri Miller — “Waking Up to this Miracle Life”

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Sheri Miller’s song “Waking Up to this Miracle Life,” which is the title track to her forthcoming album scheduled for release on November 19.  Waking Up to this Miracle Life was produced by GRAMMY-winning producer Jeff Bova (Herbie Hancock, Celine Dion), mixed by Joe Zook, with radio edit by Chris Lord-Alge. It was mastered by Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound, NY. The album graphic design is courtesy of Taylor Diglio with photo by Sandrine Lee.

“Waking Up to this Miracle Life” is Will Lee on bass; Tim Pierce on guitars; Aaron Sterling on drums, electronic samples, and percussion; and Sheri Miller on piano, vocals, and background vocals.  Sheri Miller has an evident energy and passion that beats through like the drum of a warrior.   Listen and you’ll see.

Writing lyrics for “Miracle Life” I strongly felt the energy of Joan of Arc, warrior and heroine. Her energy was brilliantly strong, undeniable, and in a rushing, gushing stream, I easily received a hurricane of lyrics, ripe with her valor and warrior energy. It felt like a gift; yet I was afraid to keep her in the song, thinking people might judge me. I meditated taking her out, yet decided, ‘It’s my pure intention to honor the art of songwriting; to be high-minded, pristine, true, and in integrity to the energies, muses, creative masters that inspire songs.’ I chose to be courageous like Joan of Arc, keeping her in the lyrics, so the art of song, being true to one’s artistic vision reigned victorious. Joan of Arc inspired the creation of “Waking Up To This Miracle Life,” and now it’s my supreme pleasure to honor her in this song. — Sheri Miller


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