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Song Premiere: Charles Wesley Godwin “Strong”

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Charles Wesley Godwin — “Strong”

Americana Highways presents this premiere of Charles Wesley Godwin’s song “Strong,” from his forthcoming album How the Mighty Fall, which is scheduled to be released on Nov 5th.  How the Mighty Fall was produced, mixed, and engineered by Al Torrence, with string arrangements by Al Torrence and Nate Catanzarite. The album was mastered by Garrett Haines of Treelady Mastering.

“Strong” is Charles Wesley Godwin on acoustic guitar and vocals;  Ben Townsend on fiddle and banjo; Al Torrence on electric and acoustic guitar, backup vocals, piano, Hammond B3, and mellotron;  Eric James
on 12 String acoustic guitar and backup vocals; Joe Pinchotti on drums and percussion; Max Somerville
on piano and Rhodes; Nate Catanzarite on bass and backup vocals; and Read Connolly on pedal steel, dobro, and lap steel.

Charles Wesley Godwin makes rootsy, gritty, bona fide Americana music with lyrics that ring true.  “Stong” is an empowerment ballad.  Turn it on and feel like you’re coming on strong.

“Strong” is about resilience. No matter who you are or how much you may or may not have, life is going to throw bombs at you whether you like it or not. At certain points in all of our lives, we will be pushed to our physical, emotional and financial limits and it’s how we respond in those moments that will ultimately define us. “Strong” is a call to myself and all of you to stand strong in those moments and fight for who you want to be in this world.

When I was growing up, my older brother was a national class distance runner. As a younger brother, I often found myself just following along with what my older brother got into because that’s just how it works in a family. Your parent/s can only be in one place at one time. So, I ran too. I wasn’t very good at it and I didn’t win very many races but it did make running a part of my life that’s turned into a hobby that I have to this day. My brother’s favorite athlete growing up was Steve Prefontaine, a famous American distance runner for Oregon University and he was known for having one of the gutsiest Olympic performances of all time in the Munich Olympics. I wanted to incorporate Steve Prefontaine into this song as a symbol of strength, guts and resilience. I believe me and my band did it justice.

I wrote this song during my son’s nap times over the course of a few days on the front porch swing of my great-grandmother’s old house in Seneca Rocks, WV. It was in July 2020, the pandemic was in full swing and I hadn’t played a show in months. I was worried to death about my “business” and what it all meant for my family. I had to get fired up. Time to get your nose to the grindstone. Time to make something happen. Time to get stronger. This song was my therapy. We began working on this new album a week later. — Charles Wesley Godwin


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