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Video Premiere: Electric Blue Yonder “1000Yrs”

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Electric Blue Yonder — “1000 Yrs”

Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Electric Blue Yonder’s song “1000Yrs” from their forthcoming album Mourning Sounds (Infinite Reality Records). Mourning Sounds was produced by Electric Blue Yonder; engineered and mixed by Robert Shimp at Technical Earth Recorders, and mastered by John Golden at Golden Mastering.

“1000Yrs” is Johnny Veres (songwriter) on acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals, and vibraphone;  Beth Hataway (songwriter) on acoustic guitar and vocals; Russell Thomas Bush on electric and upright bass; Kimi Samson on violin; and Cheikh Robertson on percussion.

The video was directed, filmed, and edited by Irby Pace and produced by Electric Blue Yonder. Locations were planned by Andrew Mason. Art direction was courtesy of Jessica Pace and Adrian Lee Bush was choreographer and on set coordinator.

The video stars Russell Thomas Bush.  There’s a flinty, gritty tone to the duo’s vocals that grabs your attention, and it’s particularly chilling when they’re singing of mortality and loss.  Electric Blue Yonder has mastered the bittersweet.

“1000yrs” dives into the depths of loss at the moment when you feel frozen and helpless to the fates. An ocean of anxiety with a paralyzing weight surrounds you until you feel totally alone. Echoes of what could have been creep through your mind, and words left unsaid are lost forever. It’s a difficult place to go, but it’s something we all must face in our lives, and it’s a huge part of personal growth. There’s a quiet beauty buried within the sadness. The clarity we find in that moment of stillness can lead us to unexpected places. For me it relates back to the untimely loss of a dear friend. He was a musician pursuing his dream when gun violence cut him down. In my grief I found the honesty to accept that creating art and music was how I could live the most fulfilling life. It gave me the courage to step into my artist life. — Johnny Veres

The single and the album will be available on Bandcamp: https://electricblueyonder.bandcamp.com/.

They’ll be playing the Coast is Clear festival this year: https://www.coastisclearfest.com/


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