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Song Premiere: Laura Cheadle “Grace is Crazy”

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Laura Cheadle — “Grace is Crazy”

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Laura Cheadle’s song “Grace is Crazy” from her forthcoming album due to be released via So Bold/ Sony Orchard in November. The album was recorded, produced and mixed at Swedesboro Music Studio by James Cheadle. The album was mastered by Peter Humphreys.

“Grace is Crazy” is Laura Cheadle on lead and background vocals, and acoustic guitar; James Cheadle on piano, drums, bass, guitar, synthesizer, strings, and organ; Jimmy Lee Cheadle on lead guitar; and Sue Cheadle on background vocals.  This album is a family affair, and it also emerged from the ashes of quarantine as Cheadle’s mark of positivity on the situation and life in general. With a very funky swagger, this song tells a tale of the caricature of the woman who’s considered crazy, and at the same time connects with that uninhibited  part of us all.

 “Grace Is Crazy” is about an actual girl named Grace that is very out of the ordinary! She represents the free spirited version of ourselves that we always wondered about. This song was a BLAST to record and you even hear Grace at the end speaking. This song is one of my favorites on the album! — Laura Cheadle

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