Backyard Tire Fire

REVIEW: Backyard Tire Fire: “Black Dirt Blue Sky”


Backyard Tire Fire – Black Dirt Blue Sky

This is another rebirth band. But judging from its bright melodies & well-recorded tunes this Midwestern band’s first set of studio music in 10 years — is doing better than Frankenstein. They’re better looking too.

Though it’s only a 5-song EP Backyard Tire Fire shows signs of rejuvenation from its opening tune of nostalgia & good memories: “Carefree Kids.” Plays well beside Randy & The Bloody Lovelies’ “Twilight Kids.”

The songwriting is skillful & though some song titles have a bit of silliness like “Little Wren,” be reassured the song has energy, melody, & muscle sung in a Steve Earle-type tone. And one of its biggest appeals: enthusiasm & joy that runs like a cold spring stream with chiming guitars, vibrancy & excellent musicianship.

Black Dirt Blue Sky (Black Dirt/Royal Potato Records-Dropped Sept 10) – is 23-minutes of delightful, energetic music. The band is skillful in the use of instrumental sound & never comes off as showboating. The music & performance support their vision. The CD’s filled with redemption, perseverance & second chances, as noted by lead vocalist/guitarist Edward David Anderson. The music was created during hard times, in-home studios throughout Illinois & elsewhere. There’s plenty of gratifying guitars, harmonies, & edgy lyrics. A song that gives a nod to the iconic folk-rocker “Alejandro Escovedo” is savvy & concise, flaunting an Escovedo melodic significance. Nice work.

I could easily sit back & listen to this band with wine & cheese – it’s a satisfying set, consistently. I hope this band doesn’t wait another 10 years for another LP. They at least have something to say, & they say it with relevance. “Truck Stop Shower,” is a beauty of a country song with fiddle (Phil Roach), piano & though it has its borderline corniness it’s what made vintage country music so charming. But once female vocalist guest Garrison Star kicks in – the song is a jewel. Wonderful. The song should segue into Natalia Zukerman’s “Gas Station Roses” for a nice effect. Songs cut from the same cloth.

“House of Cards,” is a little more aggressive & confirms the band can rock balls out if it wants to. The conclusion with its old-fashioned mellotron & acoustic guitars is grandiose with whipped cream.

Edward (vocals/guitars), Matt Anderson (bass), Scott Tipping (guitars) & new guy John Ganser (drums). Joining BTF is Garrison (vocals), Adam Gardner (piano, organ, synth, mellotron), Phil Roach (fiddle), Jerry “Muttonhead” Erickson (pedal steel on “Truck Stop Shower”), Patrick Lyons (pedal steel on “Carefree Kids”).

I’d have thought a band name like this would warrant CD art dark, junkyard with burning rubber tires over its acres. Instead, they wisely chose a beautiful open blue sky with clouds.

Produced by Edward David Anderson. Edward also has solo LPs available. Available @ Amazon +





















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