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Video Premiere: Tawny Ellis “Erase You”

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Tawny Ellis

Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Tawny Ellis’ song “Erase You,” a reimagined version of the song from her album I To You, and part of the album’s 10 year anniversary edition. All the original tracks were produced by Tawny Ellis and Gio Loria, and the new reimagined version of “Erase You” was produced and mixed by Joshua Grange. I To You was recorded in France in 2010 and released in 2011. The original tracks have been remastered and new versions for 2 of the tracks: “Tonight I Drink Whiskey” and “Erase You” have been recorded from the ground up.

“Erase You” is Tawny Ellis on vocals; Gio Loria on guitar, mandolin, and double bass; Scarlet Rivera on violin; and Tamera Watford on background vocals.

The video is a collaboration with video Artist Jorge Davies.  Footage from 2010 when the original version was recorded in France appears in this new video.  This is part of an anniversary celebration for the original album’s release.  Tawny Ellis is very good at what she does — emoting some of the the more difficult struggles in life, including within yourself, through song.  The footage and cinematography of the video is exemplary and well worth the watch..

It’s a cinematic take on this tune that has a great depth to it. It’s a cry out that could be interpreted as a hit job on someone that’s done you wrong, but at deeper thought after years passed since writing it it’s really about anyone or anything (including one’s own thoughts) that have been toxic in your life and need to be eliminated- it’s about self preservation. — Tawny Ellis

Order the music here:  https://tawnyellis.com/


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