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Video Premiere: Sam Barron “The Things They Do and Say”

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Sam Barron — “The Things They Do and Say”

Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Sam Barron’s song “The Things They Do and Say,” from his album, A Prayer for a Field Mouse, due out Sept 10th via Mother West.

“The Things They Do and Say” is Sam Barron on vocals and guitar; and Charles Newman on Theremin and percussion.

The video was directed, filmed and edited by Brett Sullivan; with PA by Marini Pickering and Spencer Turner and Keira Curwen as the actors.  The song is a wistful acoustic offering of hope.  The video traces a lone traveler on the empty streets of Brooklyn New York, which results in an uncanny backdrop for the aim of the song.

On April 6, 2020, the night of the Pink Moon, I left my apartment and saw something I had never seen: Nobody. No life. No moving cars. No buses, no open stores on Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn. Not a soul on the streets but me and my dog. It felt surreal, like the final scene in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I wrote “The Things They Do and Say” that night. It was my attempt at singing hopefulness in the face of its opposite. — Sam Barron








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