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Album Premiere: Betty Reed “Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned”

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Betty Reed — Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere stream of Betty Reed’s EP Mistakes Make, Lessons Learned.  The EP, recorded at Omni Studios, produced by Bill McDermott and engineered by Rory Rositas, will be available on September 3.

Mistakes Make, Lessons Learned is Betty Reed on lead vocals; Tanya Hancheroff on harmony vocals (On My Mind, Karma, This Time, Happy, “Misunderstood”); Evan Knutlia on backing vocals (Let It Out); Justin Weaver on acoustic and electric guitar; Justin Ostrander on electric guitar; Tommy Harden on drums; Danny Olannerty on bass; and Bill Nobel on keyboard.  This album really is a concept album, if you consider that the concept is “life.” Ranging from clarifying misjudgments (on “Misunderstood”) to releasing resentments (on “Let it Out”) the album simply tracks individual development, and life.

Sometimes it’s hard to determine if my past failures are real or perceived. Are these missteps my fault, or the fault of others who I trusted and led me astray? Probably a mix of both.

As someone who suffers from depression, my overriding thought is that these mistakes and failures have defined me and there’s no redemption. But in a more enlightened state, I place myself in the mid-point of my personal movie, knowing that there is a third act that holds a lot of promise, and quite possibly, a happy ending. So all those mistakes I’ve made in relationships, career, and life at this young age are really just lessons learned on my journey to realizing my dream.

Each song on the EP addresses this overarching theme (to varying degrees) of learning from past mistakes (or at least coming to terms with them) and finding the strength and desire to move forward.

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