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Video Premiere: Wilson Banjo Co “Colors of My Life”

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Wilson Banjo Co — “Colors of My Life”

Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Wilson Banjo Co’s song “Colors of My Life,” from their recently released album Six Degrees of Separation.  The album was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Steve Wilson at Bonfire Recording Studio in Piedmont SC. Executive Producers on the project were Lonnie Lassiter and Ethan Burkhardt. 

“Colors of My Life” is Sarah Logan on lead vocals; Richard Bennett on guitar; Alan Bibey on mandolin; Steve Wilson on banjo and Michael “Porkchop” Branch on bass.  The song was written by Melanie Wilson and Steve Wilson (Wilson Pickins Music; BMI).

The video was produced by Brian Auburn of Bonfire Recording Studio.  The songwriting is poignant and poetic and the musical delivery is gentle sorrow.  We all need to process grief and mortality, and Wilson Banjo Co helps this ritual with comforting hands on this song in particular. With coming natural footage the video accentuates the song’s intention. 

Daddy passed away two years ago after a long struggle with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. I think Mama and Steve would agree with me when I say that it was the most difficult time of our lives, during which some of the most beautiful moments shined through.

Daddy and I used to sit out on the deck and watch the sunsets together. Some nights we would sit in silence and others he would ramble on, but sometimes in moments of lucidity, he would look at me and talk to me about how much he hated living like this, not being able to use his mind, how he was in pain, and how much he hated seeing all of us suffer through this process for him.

The evening I wrote the words to this song, I had pulled into the driveway and the most beautiful sunset was over the backyard. I was exhausted, we all were, Daddy’s condition had gotten much worse, and I began to pray sitting there in my car. This was my prayer.

I gave the words to Steve who put the most beautiful music to it, and it was only after listening back to it from the other side that I realized, this was Daddy’s prayer, too. -Melanie


Sarah knew Dad, she is family, and it was an emotional recording for her. She did an amazing job capturing the feeling. We really wanted Richard to play guitar, he was one of the first people to hear the demo and loved it right away. And Melanie had worked closely with Alan during the time he lost his Father, so we felt that he would be the only one to add the mandolin with the emotion we now all understood. Because Dad loved listening to me play so much, I added just a subtle banjo to the song, and the bass track from Porkchop is just absolutely perfect in locking it all into that stripped down, organic pocket.

We couldn’t be more proud of how the song came out and we hope it touches you. – Steve


Find Wilson Banjo Co music here: https://sc.lnk.to/WB6d-lp











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