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Video Premiere: Abby Posner “Emergency Use Only”

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Abby Posner photo credit: Rollence Patugan

Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Abby Posner’s song “Emergency Use Only” from her upcoming album Kisbee Ring, scheduled for release November 12.  This song will be available on August 6.  The album was produced, recorded and mixed by Abby Posner, with her playing all the instruments to boot. 

The video was shot, edited and performed by Abby Posner.  The video reveals what goes on behind the curtains in the era of social distancing.  Enjoy the crystal clear ease of Abby Posner’s style on this new one. 

“Emergency Use Only” is about communication breakdowns – it is about being aware when someone is projecting their experience or story onto you. It’s also about how we move through difficult conversations, and most importantly how we recover. The pandemic forced me to deepen my relationships with friends and family. Often when we go deeper with the ones we love it can stir up conflict, but if we allow it, conflict can be a difficult path forward to understanding each other in a more intimate way. My intention was to create a warm vintage sound with a Beatles inspired melodic walk down and hints of Nick Drake. I wanted it to feel like the listener was getting an auditory hug. — Abby Posner

Pre-save links for the music is here:

Here is the video, and just beneath it is a bonus second video where Abby discusses the song: 


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