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Video Premiere: Porter Block “Work Real Hard”

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Porter Block – Work Real Hard

Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Porter Block’s song “Work Real Hard” from their forthcoming album  Clean Up The Livingroom, due to be released on July 16.

All songs on the album were written and performed by Peter Block and Caleb Sherman.  It was produced, engineered and mixed by Caleb “KBC” Sherman;  engineered by Vinnie Pagano, with artwork by Mark Pollard.
The record was mastered by Paul Logas for PLX.

The video was directed by Caleb “KBC” Sherman. Watch facetious scenes of comfort and decidedly not working hard, in this video about another kind of work we do — on ourselves.  Porter Black creates songs of human observation wrapped in casual enjoyment.  Listen and see.

“Work real hard” is almost a slogan but it takes the whole lyric to describe the meaning. The lyric is “You’ve got to work real hard to never let it bring you down”. It feels like you’ve got to climb past the beginning to get to the other side. It’s like a catchphrase to keep your spirit up. It’s got a driving double time feel and the chorus melody fits inside that groove. The verses are meant to be a stark contrast in a different time and feel, like the confessional of an old time vaudeville character breaking into the fun with his problems on the piano. – Peter Block

Find more info about Porter Block, here: Facebook.com/Porterblockmusic

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