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Show Review: “Chicken Shit Bingo” at Hernando’s Hide-A-Way

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Hosted by Dale Watson, Celine Lee, and the Memphians

Dale Watson

You’re in Memphis on a Sunday afternoon wondering what to do with yourself? Well, here is the answer, you go to the best show in town that only the insiders know about. What show you say? That would be “Chicken Shit Bingo” at Hernando’s Hide-A-Way hosted by Dale Watson and Celine Lee (Dale’s wife) and backed up by the Memphians.

But first, a little background. Hernando’s Hide-A-Way is a famous Memphis landmark that in its hey day was the place where anyone who was anyone in Memphis went to hideout and hangout away from the general population and see the best in music including theirs. It closed in 1983 and was used for private events but was falling into disrepair. In 2019 Watson purchased the property and since then he and Lee have been working tirelessly to restore and renovate the historic property to its once glorious condition, status, and experience.

Secondly, what is “Chicken Shit Bingo”? Well, simply put, you put two chickens in a cage with a numbered board on the bottom. People purchase numbers and when the one of the chickens defecate on a number, that number is the winner. There are multiple rounds and winner of each round gets a cash prize or becomes part of “Let’s Make A Deal,” and gets their moment in the spotlight on the stage with Watson and become part of the entertainment.


Thirdly, Watson on vocals and lead guitar and Lee on vocals are both famous artists. Watson for his Texas Honky Tonk and Lee for her Rockabilly who act as the hosts and supporting entertainment along with the Memphians who this afternoon included on second guitar: Mario Monterosso, Carl Casperson on bass, T Jarrod Bonta on keys, and Danny Banks on drums.

So, what do you get when you put this all together? A “SHOW”! In between each round Watson, Lee, and the Memphians perform. Could be a request, could be something they feel is relevant to the situation, could be new material, could be a comedy routine, could be Watson doing a live commercial for “Lone Star Beer,” or it could be the participants and crowd being called up on stage to be part of the show. There is no format other than “Chicken Shit Bingo” and is all off the cuff. The best way to describe it is it is a variety and game show set to humor and music where everyone comes out the winner and it’s all free except for purchasing spaces on the bingo board.

Food is basic bar food but good and reasonable and it is the only place you will find “Lone Star Beer” in Memphis and other drinks and beer are not overpriced given no cover and selections are good.
Bottom line, if you’re in Memphis on a Sunday afternoon and looking for a “Show,” to be part of the entertainment, listen to great music, have a few laughs, and get your chance to yell bingo based on chicken picks in a landmark and fantastic venue, then the place to be is, Hernando’s Hide-A-Way.

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