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Video Premiere: Mamma’s Marmalade “Louisiana”

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Mamma's Marmalade

Mamma’s Marmalade

Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Mamma’s Marmalade’s song “Louisiana,” from their new album Rabbit Analog, due to be released August 21.  Rabbit Analog was mixed and engineered by Andy Cass at Sleeper Cave Records, and mastered by Michael Gillilan at Giltone Mastering.

“Louisiana” is Mitch Bordage on mandolin and lead vocals, Lily Sexton on fiddle, Sean Davis on guitar, and Dan Bisson on bass.

The video was filmed and edited by Sofi Taylor at Saltbox Films.  Tune in for some thoughtful new grass here courtesy of Mamma’s Marmalade.  Allow them to draw you in and soothe your soul.  But even more, watch the aesthetically lovely video of a performance that’ll make you aware of the fourth wall.

We started writing “Louisiana” during some down time we had after gigging our way down south to New Orleans. Being down in a city so lively and full of character gets your curiosity going on the crazy experiences life has to offer, and that energy was a key driver to the theme of the song. — Mitch Bordage (vocals and mandolin).

The lyrics are about the world outside of your comfort zone, and fighting the anxiety that pulls you back in. I wanted guitar work reminiscent of a drive through the Arkansas flats out into highways in Appalachia. Something that would start out steady and winding and develop into something mountainous instrumental bridge. — Sean Davis

The four of us have experienced cities, valleys, bayous and mountains that we never would have seen had it not been for being on the road playing music. I understand this song to be a calling out for something beyond the monotony of four walls, or hometown; but once you’re out there, you still feel your home trying to pull you back. — Lily Sexton





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