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Video Premiere: Jackson Emmer “90s Tacoma”

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Americana Highways is happy to present this video premiere of Jackson Emmer’s song “90’s Tacoma,” which was written by Jackson Emmer and Terry Klein. The video is performed by: Jackson Emmer on vocals and guitar; Joe D’Esposito on fiddle and harmony vocals; Mike Facey on bass; and Kevin Matthews on drums.

The video is by Van Wampler of CinemaRaven with audio by Jackson and Kevin Matthews. Watch and enjoy the storyteller’s songwriting that the Jackson Emmer- Terry Klein combo produces. This is a toe-tapping great one about the charming qualities of the best car you can covet.  The front-porch performance is always a favorite too.    

This song started out as a joke. Just a throwaway tune, written at the sight of a beat-up Toyota in my neighborhood one morning. It evolved into something much more. Sure, there are funny things about the song, but it’s also a reflection on desire, trust, dreams, and the inevitability of death. I’d say we packed a lot into a three minute truckabilly tune. It’s one of my new favorites to sing. — Jackson Emmer




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