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REVIEW: Scarlet Rivera & Nine Mile Station “Hurricane”


Scarlet Rivera & Nine Mile Station – “Hurricane” (Single)

To commemorate Bob Dylan’s 80th birthday May 24th former Rolling Thunder Review violinist Scarlet Rivera joins L.A. based Nine Mile Station for a rousingly re-recorded version of Dylan’s classic 1971 song about ex-Middleweight boxer the late Ruben “Hurricane” Carter.

It’s a single digital only release & hopefully judging from the sound these musicians will indeed create a full CD of songs in the future. As for this project Scarlet Rivera & Nine Mile Station – “Hurricane” (Drops May 17th/Southside Records). Lead singer/guitarist Will Hawkins has a gruff vocal that is excellently suited for such a song. While many would step lightly on a Dylan highwire to put over an iconic song such as this Hawkins carefully performs the song with genuine power, guts, articulation & tone. He re-energized the Dylan oldie.

I found it quite likeable. Lead guitarist Fernando Perdomo (appears & plays in the documentary “Echo in the Canyon” with many diverse renown musicians) provides superb leads. The team effort is invigorating throughout. It’s a shame it’s only one song. As for Scarlet…

I’ll be damned if she doesn’t sound like she’s even more fiery on this song than she was on the original Dylan version. She aged like wine. The clarity of her playing, the tone of her violin – she owns it.

Scarlet’s violin smokes during her “Hurricane,” duel with Fernando’s dazzling guitar. Exceptional. The Charlie Daniels legend tells of the devil that went down to Georgia for a fiddle contest well, he stayed clear of Scarlett Rivera.

What a tempestuous sound she drew from her wood so effortlessly. Give a girl some rosin, a bow with some strings & the spirit is sawed out of the various woods of a single violin. Rivera is not a musician – she’s an artist.

I have listened to Scarlet & Will on this video of “Hurricane,” & it’s everything a classic track should be. I feel they elevated it to 2021 standards. Rivera is still impressively mystical & magical. Bob Dylan take note.

What a possibility if Dylan hears this & reunites with Scarlet, even for a song or two on a new CD of his. Dreams come true…they can happen to you.

Legend has it that Bob Dylan drove by a woman with a violin case walking on a NYC street. He pulled over & invited her to the studio where he was recording Desire. I’m sure there may be more to the story but that’s the gist. The rest is music history. A career for a young gypsy-like woman who even came with a dynamic appearance. Personally, I’d have kept her forever in my band.

Supporting musicians include Brendan Vasquez (bass) & Nick Moran (drums).

Produced by Fernando Perdomo & Will Hawkins the cut is available in online stores/streaming services, YouTube & sites here:




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