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Video Premiere: Emily Duff “Done and Done”

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Emily Duff
photo by Charles Chessler

Americana Highways is pleased to host this video premiere of Emily Duff‘s song “Done and Done,” a track from her forthcoming album Razor Blade Smile. The album was produced by Eric Ambel and is due to be available on July 23.

The song is Emily Duff on acoustic guitar and vocals; Eric Ambel on electric guitar and backing vocals; Keith Christopher (Lynyrd Skynyrd) on bass; Charlie Giordano on keyboards; and Phil Cimino on drums.

The video was edited by Skip Duff, with footage shot by Emily Duff, Charles Chessler and Eric Ambel.

This high class video is worthy of the high class song by Emily Duff and crew. Struggles with reminiscence and endings amid mid tempo swagger mark this one, without skipping any signature rock ‘n roll undertones. Emily Duff is a natural performer onstage and in video, and Eric Ambel lends some thoughtful guitar melodies to the mix, which appear on the video too.  Check It.

“Tennessee to Kentucky, you were on my mind. Hard not to feel lucky with a man like you by my side….”

“Done and Done” was written as if it were a short film. So visual and cinematic that the lyric seemed to almost roll out on a freshly paved surface, smooth and unblemished. A road movie with the road as metaphor for a love affair that would soon be hitting the off ramp or pulling off on the shoulder to check the map. Seems like a common theme and yet it presented itself to me in a refreshed way. It was also originally written as a duet, and can still be sung that way, but when it came time to record it, I felt that the narrative would be much stronger if it was in a single voice, from my POV.

The video then story boarded itself according to the lyric and the vibe that is sonically set so beautifully by Producer, Eric “Roscoe” Ambel with his guitar tone. This video is quite emotional for me since all of the road footage was shot in 2018 on my road trip to and from Muscle Shoals, AL to record my record, Hallelujah Hello. I knew that I would use this footage someday and when the pandemic hit, I spent a lot of time looking thru my video archive, remembering a trip that was long & dark, yet unfettered, free and uncomplicated, so of another lifetime. “Done and Done” beckoned that long-haul, exhausting trip with its shadowy and uncertain energy into a completely new feeling. It conjures empowerment and direction even though the road is coming to end, Done and Done. A woman’s decision to make. — Emily Duff



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