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REVIEW: The Accidentals “Time Out – Session 1” EP


The Accidentals – Time Out – Session 1 – EP

Time Out – Session 1 (Savage Kittens-Drops May 7). An excellent trio that lays down a compelling atmosphere with their music. Heart-wrenching songs, stories & creativity are evident.  They’re good musicians, & singers but it follows a basic folk-ballad singer-songwriter formula (as for now). Nothing challenges & little sets them apart from the many who perform the same type of music.

This 5-song EP is comprised of well-played & sung tunes that won’t hit the top 10 on any chart. They will brighten up the ears of audiences who can appreciate & be satisfied with a good performance.

The Accidentals

The trio all sing: Sav Buist (acoustic guitar/electric bass/violin/viola/mandolin), Katie Larson (acoustic & electric guitar/cello) & Michael Dause (drums/guitar).

“Wildfire,” co-written with singer-songwriter Kim Richey is fine. But I have heard enough songs named “Wildfire.” I hear creativity in this trio, so I expect a better title. A more intense title that’s not so standard. Michael Martin Murphey wrote the last “Wildfire” song I want to hear.

“Anyway,” was co-written with folk legend Tom Paxton. But this too is standard-fare. Connect the dots type of song. There’s a reliable Indigo Girls approach but what would be better — a McGarrigle Sisters touch which isn’t here. The cellos/strings are nice. The vocals are always good. Most tunes follow a nice path, are well-arranged, & never detract from basic roots. “Anyway,” – is simplistic & elementary. While the song has a line in it — ”It’s Just Another Sunrise” repeated 3 times I’m surprised a veteran like Paxton didn’t suggest it as the title. It’s better. “Anyway,” tells me nothing.

The superb singer-songwriter Maia Sharp co-wrote “Might As Well Be Gold,” with Sav & Katie. It’s excellent. Better constructed, a little story song that takes shape quickly. Good lines, sung with a poignant tone. They should avoid words like “yeah” in a song this well-written. It adds nothing. The line “the house is full of memories,” is powerful without the “yeah.” Nonetheless, the song is lovely.


Co-written with Dar Williams “Night Train,” is also good with story-rich words. This is closer to a McGarrigle Sisters type song though melody-wise at times it’s mindful of Del Amitri’s classic song “Nothing Ever Happens.”

Mary Gauthier & Jamie Harris helped write “All Shall Be Well,” with the Accidentals & it’s a well-fingerpicked acoustic guitar song. Harmonies are rich. Fortunately, it’s a song that looks forward & all will be well. Many of today’s songs pandemic-oriented songs bellyache. It’s nice to hear something optimistic.

The 20-minute EP was produced by The Accidentals & available @

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