Video Premiere: Jesse Lynn Madera “Funny Man (Live)”

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Americana Highways bring you this video premiere of Jesse Lynn Madera’s “Funny Man (Live), a live performance of the song from her recent release Fortunes.

The video was filmed live in Nashville by Jason Lee Denton with audio recorded by Kyle Dreaden and Stevie Blacke added strings.  It’s Jesse Lynn Madera performing “Funny Man” on piano.  

Jesse Lynn Madera has a peaceful aura that translates into her music.  With a naturally fluid sense of timing, her songs just roll out into the surrounding atmosphere. 

“Funny Man” has always been my favorite song from my album “Fortunes” because it reminds me of the folk songs I grew up listening to. It’s a simple and honest song, quiet and lovelorn, about a circus clown who was a longtime friend and sometimes lover. It’s one of my favorite songs to play live. I filmed and recorded the live video in Nashville with videographer Jason Lee Denton. Kyle Dreaden recorded the audio. Stevie “one man orchestra” Blacke added strings and an enchanting touch to the song! — Jesse Lynn Madera

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