Song Premiere: Fake Fruit “Don’t Put It On Me”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Fake Fruit’s song “Don’t Put it On Me” from their self-titled album due to be available on March 5 on Rocks in Your Head Records. The album was recorded by Andrew Oswald and mastered by Mikey Young.  The song is Hannah D’Amato on vocals and guitar; Alex Post on lead guitar; Miles MacDiarmid on drums; Martin Miller on bass.

A San Francisco Bay Area band with driving punk energy, Fake Fruit delivers in a style that’s not really Americana, but can find a home with some Americana fans, since Americana music fans are defined by their interested in the eclectic and quality music.

“Don’t Put it On Me” is a line drawn in the sand. It’s about choosing to no longer help council people who’ve hurt you through their own guilt; there’s enough on your plate as it is! — Fake Fruit.


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