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Readers’ Favorite Albums of November 2020 with playlist

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The results from the readers’ vote for favorite November 2020 releases are in! This time we made it a top 15. Congratulations!  The top three will be featured in our next playlist update by Laura Sikes. (Find the playlist any time, on our website’s homepage.)

1) Towne “In the In Between”

2) Teni Rane “Heart in Tennessee”

3) Katarina Pejak “Outside Looking In”

4) Doug Schmude “Mileposts”

5) Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar “The Reckless One”

6) The Sensational Country Blue Wonders “The World…”

7) Ward Davis “Black Cats and Crows”

8) Chris Stapleton “Starting Over”

9) Sour Bridges “Roll Us Up Something Good”

10) Larkin Poe “Kindred Spirits”

11) Gillian Welch “Boots No 2: The Lost Songs, Vol. 3”

12) The Staple Singers “Come Go With Me”

13) Nickel Creek “This Side”

14) Steve Bonham “Out of the Darkness”

15) Last Year’s Man “Brave the Storm”

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