Song Premiere: Henry Conlon “I’m Coming Home”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Henry Conlon’s “I’m Coming Home,” recorded at Twelve 3 South recording studio in Nashville, Tennessee with Donnie Reis and Joel Jorgenson. The track was written by Conlon and features Dayna Bee on fiddle.

Henry Conlon’s “I’m Coming Home” is a hauntingly beautiful tune that relays a narrative of a drifting soul navigating the plights of life until reaching his ultimate destination. The verses allude to the trials of lost love, alcohol dependency, and the quality of human mortality. Conlon’s fingerpicking guitar coupled with Bee’s fiddle is a winning formula that conjures up a melancholic sound that brings the achingly arresting lyrics to life. The song was written during a period of self-reflection for Conlon who found inspiration for the song from evaluating his own personal feelings of traversing life’s hardships.

It was about two years ago, I was going through some life changes and figuring out a bit about who I was and coming to terms with all that I am not. I tried to go into all of those feelings and try to tell a story about it that was relatable for people. – Henry Conlon



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