Video Premiere: Tay Bronson “Key Over the Door”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Tay Bronson’s “Key Over the Door,” a song that appeared on his recent album Drinks & Memories (Indie 500 Records).  The album was recorded at The Pop Machine; mixed by Eric Klee Johnson; produced by Eric Klee Johnson and Tay Bronson; and mastered by Andy Van Dette.

On the album, “Key Over the Door”  is Tay Bronson on acoustic guitar, vocals, bass, and harmonica; Tim Wright on pedal steel; Marc Johnson on electric guitar; Jason D. Barth on organ; and Alan Tucker on drums.  

In the video, the song is performed by Tay Bronson, with Jason Brown on bass; Matt DeVore on drums; and Sam King on electric guitar.  It was created by LDR Studios (; produced, edited, directed and with camera work by Clark Crosser; with Michael Noël and Torrie Hudson on cameras.

In a hot red 1961 Thunderbird, Tay Bronson sings a timeless song of love, loss and an abiding sense that nothing is ever really over. This song is for all of us who’ve ended it but wanted to leave the door open a crack, just in case.  Listen to the album all the way through and savor Tay Bronson’s appealing songsmanship.

The inspiration for this song came very ‘matter of fact,’ as the good ones often do. I found myself living in an apartment suddenly, and it had one of those transom’s with the window above the door. You know the kind that let the annoying hall light in like an old dorm room? Anyway, I had a ‘visitor’ arriving before I was going to be home. I was trying to figure out where to leave her a key and she just suggested I ‘leave a key over the door.’ Immediately I knew I was going to do something with that and being a big Waylon Jennings fan, I instantly thought of ‘The Door is Always Open.’ So I just kind of used that as a nice little road map as to where to take the listener.

We had visions of grandeur for our video but when we sat down to talk actual logistics of shooting video we realized that most everywhere we wanted to shoot video people would be wearing masks. We had to get creative. There were a couple of really funny events during the recording of ‘Key Over the Door’ and the album Drinks & Memories involving me either moving or lending a hand trying to start that 61′ T-bird with a can of Ether in the studio garage. When we realized the impact the masks may have on the video I said ‘hey, let’s just shoot me driving that 61’ T-bird around and singing?’ A few weeks before the album came out I had the opportunity to play a private live performance with a full band and we got some video of our set. It just kinda’ came together and I think it really works with the song you know? Like I’ll leave the key over the door and I’ll get there when I get there. Got things to do like cruise around, singin’ in my 61’ Thunderbird! — Tay Bronson

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Tay Bronson does a video series on Instagram TV called “Tackle Box Tuesday” where he provides information and how-to tips for fishing.

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