Video Premiere: Andrew Weiss “Lookout Mountain”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Andrew Weiss’ song “Lookout Mountain,” which was written, produced, performed and recorded by Andrew Weiss.  

The video was directed by Andrew Weiss and Sara Barsky Weiss; filmed by Sara Barsky Weiss.  “What’s wrong with living a little bit closer to the edge?”   Dreamy, paradise ruminations characterize Andrew Weiss’ songwriting, and the video’s vivid green surroundings bring that to life.  He has a knack for blending paradise with the end game in a way that highlights simplicity.

The video for “Lookout Mountain” was filmed and co-directed by my wife Sara. When I first played her demos for what was going to be on the EP, this song stuck out to her as being special, and she said she wanted to film the video for it. Her idea was to shoot it on an iPhone, which took some convincing, but I’m really happy with the result. I think she captured a side of me on film that only she could’ve pulled off.

During quarantine at the beginning of the summer, Sara and I would go on long drives in search of new areas we hadn’t been familiar with. One night, while trying to catch a nice sunset view, we passed by this park, and both of us thought it would be perfect for the video; a utopian landscape where nature was the focus. When editing the video, we purposely saturated the shots to make the colors look like a utopian “Candyland.” Utopia is somewhere we all want to be, and it means something different to each person. So how do you capture a version of utopia on film? Nature. And colors…lots of them. — Andrew Weiss


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