REVIEW: Matthew Alexander “Soul River” is Journey of Vivid Imagery and Childlike Wonder


Matthew Alexander – Soul River (Caravan Records)

If you have ever found yourself pondering the complexity of life and love, Matthew Alexander’s new album will take you on a journey of vivid imagery and childlike wonder. The cover of the album is a close-up picture of Alexander in which his piercing blue eyes seem to look longingly to the future while still bearing the fervent lessons and scars of the past. Don’t let his clean-cut appearance fool you as his experience cannot be faked, only lived. The album is aptly titled Soul River and the music is as deep as the ocean. These 10 songs give an intimate view of this seasoned musician’s heartfelt life experience through Folk inspired Americana that is beautifully reserved and so innate that his unique style feels right at home.

The talent featured by the musicians on this record is impressive to say the least. The album is wonderfully produced by Fred Story with a crisp sound that remains warm and clear. Alexander is not only the principle composer but can also be heard playing piano, highly skilled finger picking guitar and vocals that ring with authenticity. Producer and multi-instrumentalist Fred Story was described by Alexander as adding his “secret sauce” on keyboards, banjo, bass, drums, organ, and steel drums. Lastly, New Hampshire singer-songwriter Click Horning joins Alexander on guitar and delivers carefully crafted synergistic harmonies. With these profound musicians working together, you can’t go wrong.

One could picture this album as the soundtrack to a road trip traveling up the coast of California or through the falling Autumn leaves of New England while pondering deep thoughts about the human experience. With songs like the title track “Soul River,” “I’m a Missing You” and “The Poets Soul,” Matthew Alexander has forged an album in which each song is perfectly ornamented with the right instrumentation, taste and style in an overarching Folk feel. In addition to the original songs, including new twists on classic songs such as “Steel Rail Blues” and “Buckets of Rain” leaves you with a powerful experience that is never over the top. The album fills the heart with thoughts about “what used to be” and looking toward hope while traveling through the enigmatic path that is life. Get the album now at

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