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Video Premiere: Matthew Alexander “An Apolitical Man”

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Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Matthew Alexander’s song “An Apolitical Man.” “An Apolitical Man” will appear on Mathew Alexander’s next album Midnight Dream Station, which is scheduled for release in May 2023. Midnight Dream Station was produced by Matthew Alexander;
engineered and mixed by Chris Green and mastered by Glenn Tabor. The songs were recorded at GAT3 Studios in Charlotte, NC.

“An Apolitical Man” is Matthew Alexander on lead and harmony vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, and organ; Ron Brendle on electric bass; and Al Sergev IV on drums.

The video was created by Jim McGuire of Jim McGuire Photo and Video Services. Really unique footage of Alexander playing in unusual places, lively keys and guitar, and a very reasonable observation on those who stick their heads in the sand characterize this video by Matthew Alexander. The song echoes shades of the Bangles in its degree of playfulness over a serious critique.

The drumbeat of political noise from the media is deafening. Everyone is shouting but no one is listening. The gridlock around important issues is frustrating and only serves to divide us more and more. Given this backdrop, there are many souls who have decided to tune out the noise and put on Netflix rather than CNN, Newsmax or Fox. These are the apolitical men and women. They believe in our shared humanity and in not taking sides. Who understands such beings? Maybe only Siri! — Matthew Alexander

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