Song Premiere: Jon Danforth “Some Things Won’t Change”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Jon Danforth’s song “Some Things Won’t Change” from his forthcoming EP Seasons. Seasons was produced by Jon Danforth, Josh Franklin, Will Carmack, and Aaron Carpenter, and engineered by Josh Franklin.  “Some Things Won’t Change” is Jon Danforth on vocals and acoustic guitar; Aaron Carpenter on drums and percussion; Will Carmack on electric guitar, organ, and bass.

“Some things won’t change’ is a sentiment we sometimes need to face.  Jon Danforth’s music is the perfect road trip music, queue it up and go out for a scenic drive with it.

This autobiographical song explores the idea that we don’t change as much as we might think even when we change where we live. Sometimes we think we can escape certain things about ourselves by “running away” but even though we may change in many ways, there are some things about ourselves that won’t change, and making peace with that is our best bet. — Jon Danforth

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