Video Premiere: Jess Grant “The Future’s Gone”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Jess Grant’s song “The Future’s Gone,” from his album released this past summer, Landline. Landline was recorded with the Joy Mills Band. “The Future’s Gone” is Jess Grant on lead vocals and guitar; Joy Mills on backing vocals; Tom Parker on bass and backing vocals; Mikel McDermott on drums; Jack Quick on keyboards; and  Lucien LaMotte on guitars.

The video was filmed, edited and directed by Mary Liz Thomson with production assistance by Lee William Rodewald.  With a critical look at significant and important threats to our natural world, Jess Grant sings a lullaby protest song of grief.  It’s a look at the wonders of nature and the sorrow that comes with worrying about it too. Add it to your motivational list today, and pray it’s not too late.

This is a pretty little song about the end of the world. I usually prefer to populate my songs with characters and stories, but this one feels like a series of talking points on a topic no one wants to address head-on. If the future seems iffy at best, then how do we create meaning in our life? Even if we have passed the tipping point, does that absolve us of the responsibility to fight for climate justice, on the off chance that we’re wrong? How must it feel to be a young person now, looking at a horizon of diminished opportunities? How must it feel to be their parent? It’s the tragedy of our times, yet we must find ways to move forward and love those closest to us. — Jess Grant

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