Video Premiere: Charlie Treat “A Day in Black Skin”

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Photo credit: Lindsey Patkos

Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Charlie Treat’s song “A Day in Black Skin,” recorded live at Half Step Studio, Nashville, TN; engineered by Charlie Treat. It was produced by Charlie Treat, Q White and Justin Turner; mixed by Jesse Thompson; and mastered by Yes Master, Nashville, TN.

“A Day in Black Skin” is Charlie Treat on piano and vocals; Justin Turner on drums; Q White on bass and synth; Sky Mac on rap; and Amber Woodhouse on saxophone. The video was filmed and directed by Rob Bondurant.  Lyrically, the song is a white man’s realization of the experiences of people of color and as such belongs in the category of white Americanas speaking out about racism. The music, however, breaks through bondaries as it incorporates a bluesy, funky Americana and then includes a rap centerpiece resulting in a truly original blend. 

Late one night one of my best friends, for the first time, opened up to me about what it feels like to be black: the constant fear, paranoia, guardedness, mistrust, and unbelonging and then suddenly all of my little movements – simply walking out my door, or wandering around the city, or trips in my car to the unknown – became more precious to me as I saw they were like hellfire to him. I wanted to put myself in his shoes for a day. And allow others to do the same. — Charlie Treat

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