Video Premiere: Steven Bruce “Cryin’ Eyes”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Steven Bruce’s song “Cryin’ Eyes” from his recently released album Same Time, Same Place, Same Station. Same Time, Same Place, Same Station was recorded and mixed at Fill Your Boots Studio in Fredericksburg, VA by E.P. Jackson; mastered by Mike Monseur in Nashville.

“Cryin’ Eyes” is Steven Bruce on vocals and acoustic guitar; E.P. Jackson on electric guitar, bass, and percussion; Karen Jonas on harmony vocals; Seth Brown on drums; and Gary Lee Gimble on pedal steel.  With fitting footage this video supports the breakup song with teardrops on the pillow case.  Steven Bruce’s unique Dylan-esque vocals contrapose nicely with the country music style. 

We felt like this song was the right one to kick the album off. I wrote this song on the back side of my first (and only) divorce. I remember feeling depressed, used, confused, and generally miserable. I could not help but think when it was all over and the papers were signed…it’s just me here, alone. This song is a good starting point when thinking back on those last several years of my life.

Even though I was not the one who messed everything up I could not help but say to myself, “there ain’t nobody left to blame, until there’s no one left but you.” The rest of the song flooded out with those raw emotions and memories. The tear drops, the smeared makeup, all of it is as real as it gets.

This song came together so nicely in the studio. Jackson really helped put a “groove” on this song – especially with his guitar parts – coupled with Gary Lee Gimble’s pedal steel parts. Karen Jonas then lends her vocals on harmony. This song is one of my favorites. — Steven Bruce

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