Song Premiere: Gideon’s Army “The One That I Got”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Gideon’s Army’s song “One That I Got” from an evolving album project.   Rob Bray and the band .  With celebratory anthemic power, Gideon’s Army will remind you of the better things in life on this one.  There are so many songs about betrayal and heartache, it’s beyond refreshing to be treated with a celebration of faithfulness like this.

‘The One That I Got’ is about recommitting to the one that you’re with. I was going through a difficult time in a long term relationship. I struck up a friendship with an attractive co-worker. We started hanging out outside of work. I was tempted. I came really close, but ultimately I didn’t stray. And I got to see that about myself. — Rob Bray

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