REVIEW: The Jason Daniels Band Wants To Inspire and Uplift Everyone With “Downloads From The Universe”



When it comes to Americana music there is nothing quite as wonderful as those artists who can produce a sound that melds multiple genres together. This ability to cross-pollinate across different musical styles adds a special power to their music which usually helps them stand out in the frenetic new- music- every- minute culture that we are all living in and through right now. With Downloads From The Universe,  the new album from Jason Daniels Band, they prove that as a band, they are ready, willing and more than able to wield this very power.

The sound they present on the record is an invigorating combination of soul, country, blues, jazz, gospel, and funk that stands as one of the most exciting and distinctive blends of multiple genres found anywhere this year. On top of that, it’s also quite possibly, the most positive record you will hear this year as well. Unabashedly upbeat, the songs very much sound like musical crepuscular rays of light for our dark times. 

Highlights include the soulful “It All Can Slip Away”, the exuberant and spirit-filled “Music Is A Prayer”, the blues rockin’ “I’ve Been Ramblin”, the Jesus rocker “Be My Friend,” the soaring anthem for 2020 “Breathe”, and the aptly titled closer and signifier “Prayer to the World.”

By being able to tap into that glorious vein that is American music and forge a unique sound of their own, the Jason Daniels Band with this collection of songs is able to create a record that should be accessible to anyone who wants or needs to hear a shot of musical positivity in their lives right now. Full of courage and defiance against negativity, this album will uplift you and encourage you which is no small feat given the darkness and heaviness of events all around all us right now. 

Downloads From the Universe (self-released) was co-produced by Kent Bruce and Murph Caicedo and is now available on the band’s website .

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