Video Premiere: Scott Collins “Headed North”

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Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Scott Collins’ song “Headed North,” the title track from his EP. Headed North was produced and engineered by Chris John Smith; recorded and mixed by Frenchie with additional production by Einar Pedersen and mastered by Alex Lyon for The Bubble Mastering. The album art is courtesy of Billie Buck.  “Headed North” is Einar Pedersen on arrangements, drums, bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and backing vocals; Chris “Frenchie” Smith on electric guitars, engineering, production, and keys; with Scott Collins the writer on vocals, keys, and acoustic guitar.Cole Burris using EP art made by Billie Buck.

In a suspenseful indie/Americana blend, Scott Collins presents a song that likewise blends messages of security and loss.

“Headed North is a song I wrote right before my last tour of the West Coast, Pacific Northwest, and Midwest. The song ended up changing a little bit every night and it was so much fun watching it evolve live. I then took it to the studio with Frenchie Smith and Einar Pedersen who helped shape it into what it is today on the EP. I couldn’t be happier with this track. — Scott Collins


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