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Song Premiere: Cary Morin “Exception to the Rule”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Cary Morin’s song “Exception to the Rule” from his forthcoming album Dockside Saints, due to be available on Friday August 7. Dockside Saints was produced and engineered by Tony Daigle.  The album is Cary Morin on acoustic and electric guitars, pedal steel and vocals; Lee Allen Zeno on bass, Brian Brignac on drums, Corey Ledet on accordion, Eric Adcock on keys, Celeste Di Iorio on harmony vocals, Keith Blair and John Fohl on electric guitar, and Beau Thomas on fiddle.

Historically identifying as a blues artist, Cary Morin’s latest release is a lovely amalgam of styles. This song, “Exception to the Rule,” is a tale of harmony. Although Cary Morin released this song on an earlier album, it benefitted in an emotional joyful way from this reinvention here.

This was written previous to this album and recorded on an album called FishStory, which was a project with me, John Magnie & Steve Amedée of the Subdudes. I had sort of a country rock feel for it in my mind. I remember thinking about some of those old Rolling Stones tunes that were like that like, “I won’t forget to put roses on your grave…” for example. At the time, I asked the drummer to sing it, and he ended up doing a great job. When I decided to do a solo version, I used a different approach to it, one that I had heard in my head. It was also being played a lot in rehearsals with my new band, Ghost Dog, so that had a lot to do with re-recording it here in the way I heard it with a full band… Lyrically, it was written to my wife. I don’t often write and record from such personal experience… I’ve done a few of those in the past few years.” —Cary Morin

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