Video Premiere: Steve Baskin “Big Wedding, Small Divorce”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Steve Baskin’s song “Big Wedding, Small Divorce,” from his recently released album Mind Your Step, produced by Steve Baskin and Rich Herring, mixed by Rich Herring at Trax Productions, Nashville, TN. “Big Wedding, Small Divorce” is Steve Baskin on lead vocal, background vocal, and acoustic guitar; Roger Brainard on electric and lead guitar; Brian Hudson on drums; Franher Joseph on bass; Barry Best on organ; Mark van Allen on pedal steel; Heidi Higgins on background vocal and Mark Neill on tambourine.

Cameron Baskin is the director of photography for the video (church scene); the wedding footage was of Jade and Patrick Robinson (usage approved by Jade); the editing and art direction was by Rich Martin with Steve Baskin as creative director. The video also features Steve Baskin on acoustic guitar and singing; Roger Brainard on electric guitar and wearing the top hat; Mark Van Allen on pedal steel, with Jade and Patrick Robinson as the wedding couple.

The concept of a big wedding, small divorce is one that will give anyone that “aha” moment.  “Making bets on how far we’ll get past this first dance” is a sentiment we can all identify with, and the small banality of divorce is all too real. Steve Baskin has captured a unique slice of contemporary life in a musical whirlwind of truth.

 It was fun to lean this far into that classic country sound with “Big Wedding, Small Divorce” – the lyrics and the subject matter pretty much demanded it. Mind Your Step explores quite few genres, but it holds together nicely as an album. — Steve Baskin

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