Song Premiere: Dustbowl Daddies “Goodbye Great Society”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of the Dustbowl Daddies’ song “Goodbye Great Society” from their upcoming album Boom and Bust Economies of Love. The song was written by Paul Tyler, and recorded live at Little Bullhorn studio in Ottawa, Ontario, and mixed, mastered and produced by Dave Draves, and co-produced with Paul Tyler and Paul Saurette.

The song features Paul Tyler on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, and Paul Saurette on vocals and electric guitar, with backup vocals and banjo by Rob Sparling, and lead electric guitar by Mat Paterson. The rhythm section is Kevin Grignon on bass, Lee Jacobs on cajon, and Chris Leite on drums. The Nord keyboard is Rob Sparling and trumpet is Paul Saurette.

“Goodbye Great Society” is an uptempo extravaganza with an apocalyptic outlook.  The vocal harmonies are the icing on the cake of the Dustbowl Daddies song craft.  Boom and Bust Economies of Love is an revitalizing elixir for these challenging times — save, follow, and get a copy.

The song literally came to me as I was making my way through downtown traffic, with all the other cars inching their way along, and with all the other divers alone, like me, in their vehicles. It seemed terribly symbolic in that moment, of a society of people all trying to suit their own needs, each getting in the other’s way, while all along utilizing and sharing the same public good, build by collective effort, that was not being efficiently utilized (ie. the road). Surely, there is a better way to serve our collective need, and obviously not just on highways, but in every aspect of our society. While I ended up cutting the trafiic-jam verse, Goodbye Great Society is largely about our culture’s aggressive embracing of individualism, and our violent turning away from a believe in collective interest, and the collective good. When we begin to forget that we are all in this together, bad things follow for everyone. Though the song has a pessimistic title, hope for change is implied by its anger. — Paul Tyler

You can order and save the music here, and the song is just below these links:

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