REVIEW: Theresa Lucia Displays a Unique Voice on Her Debut EP “Boxes”


Home is a different concept for a lot of musicians. A lot of times, home for a musician is where their stuff stays when they are on tour. (When tours are a thing, of course.) Other musicians divide their time between numerous hometowns. Theresa Lucia is one of the latter, dividing her time between New England, New York, and south Florida. As a result, her debut EP Boxes is greatly influenced by the transient nature of her life.

When you first play the title track, you can’t help but notice Lucia’s voice. You may not have an immediate comparison for how she sounds. She has a little bit of past stars of the Grand Ole Opry in tone and in the ache she conveys in her vocal delivery. At the same time, her sound would be just as at home in a coffee shop.

Most of the time, her voice is easy and at the perfect volume for your favorite coffee shop. However, at the beginning of “The Text”, she shows that she has the ability to belt out notes just as well as she can sing in muted tones. This is also a good example of how she can convey the ache. Specifically the ache to text someone that isn’t present with the narrator.

“Pacifier” is an unexpected rocker. Not that you’re going to confuse it with AC/DC or anything, but it incorporates some electric guitar and has quite a different sound than the mostly folky sounds on the album.

This is a solid debut. Lucia shows her strength as a lyricist and delivers those lyrics with a voice that is uniquely her own. She also shows that you should expect more good things from her in the future. Boxes was released on June 27 and is available now. Order your copy here.

Theresa Lucia – vocals
Justin Goldner – guitar, piano, keyboard, ukulele
Zack Jones – drums
Produced by Chris Camilleri and Justin Goldner
Mixed by Chris Camilleri
Engineered by Alex Conroy at The Bunker Studio
Mastered by Randy Merrill at Sterling Sounds

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