Video Premiere: Lynn Jackson’s “Stormy Eyes”

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Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Lynn Jackson’s song “Stormy Eyes” from her recently released album Lionheart.  The album was produced by Lynn Jackson and engineered by Chris Colvin at Studio A, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.  “Stormy Eyes” is Lynn Jackson on vocals and guitar; Chris Boyne on melodica; and Jonny Sauder on tambourine. The video was produced and directed by Lindsay Stewart.

With dramatic throwback-style video footage, the countryside timelessness of the song is captured nicely here.  Lynn Jackson has a knack for channelling that folksy relaxed state of depression we can all relate to.

I never sit down and set out to write an album. I just write songs as they come to me, and I let them be whatever they want to be. Some are more rootsy-folk sounding, like ‘Stormy Eyes.’ Some are rock, some are fingerpicking ballads. However, I always, without exception, write the lyrics first. Some are fiction when I’m in story-telling mode, or some are just reactions to what I’m experiencing at that moment. But I feel like even if I’m telling a story from a character’s perspective or about a character, I think honesty is key to ultimately connecting with audiences. That’s what I hope I achieved with ‘Stormy Eyes.’ — Lynn Jackson

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