Song Premiere: Sasha K.A. “Spain”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Sasha K.A.’s song “Spain,” from his forthcoming album with music and lyrics by Sasha Klare-Ayvazian. “Spain” is Natalie Price on vocals; Sasha Klare-Ayvazian on guitars, keys, bass, and drum programming; Lang Freeman on guitar and keys. The instrumental components were recorded at Sasha’s apartment (lovingly called 10302 Studios); with vocals recorded at Natalie’s house and overdubs recorded and the song mixed by Lang Freeman at FOLSUR Studios. Mastering is by Kevin Butler.

In a quarantine success story, Sasha K.A. has created a timeless work of longing. We all just want to come home from the metaphorical trip to Spain.

Quarantine music making at its finest.  Even though isolated by the virus, this song shows how persistent creatives can still find a way to collaborate and make beautiful things! — Lang Freeman (producer)

COVID may be keeping us isolated, but I refuse to let it keep us from collaborating. Lang, Natalie, and I were working on a co-write before COVID hit and it seemed only natural to keep it going once it did. Everyone worked individually from their homes and we stayed in touch on phone, text, and email. I tracked the instrumental in my apartment office and sent the track to Natalie who added her vocal. Then Lang brought it all together, added a few overdub layers, and mixed the track from his studio. In the end we have “Spain,” an Indie-Pop-Rock song about “coming home.”

This woman goes to Spain to study abroad/travel/work/PeaceCorp thinking she can put her relationship on hold. But soon realizes how much she misses her someone, so she returns to Chicago to be with him! This song was inspired by Ben Harper’s “Walk Away” as well as my desire to thread the needle between a four-piece Rock band and big, synth-driven Pop production a la No Doubt or The Killers. — Sasha K.A.

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