Video Premiere: Anton O’Donnell’s “Say Their Names”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Anton O’Donnell’s video for “Say Their Names,” from Glasgow, Scotland — recorded at  Matchbox Sound with Ciaran McIntyre and at PRW Heights.  “Say Their Names” is Anton O’Donnell on vocals and guitars; Taylor White on drums and Matt Owens on bass.  The song was written by Anton O’Donnell, and was mixed and mastered by Frank Swart & Brian Brinkerhoff of Need to Know Music, Santa Cruz, CA USA.  The video was created by Anton O’Donnell.   All proceeds (for life) from the track will be given to the Black Lives Matter movement up until the one year anniversary of Mr. George Floyd’s death and thereafter, the proceeds will be distributed to charities that work towards fighting against inequality, and injustice, wherever that may be.

With dramatic footage from the current #BlackLivesMatter protests interspersed with images of the Civil Rights movement and imagery from protests, solidarity and brutality in between, Anton O’Donnell will bring you to tears.  Say their names.  O’Donnell epitomizes the global mood right now in his latest offering.

This song is for Mr. George Floyd and all the lives that have been lost to the bullshit we live under, and those pushing back around the world — Anton O’Donnell

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