Video Premiere: Nocona’s “Post Apocalyptic Blues”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Nocona’s video for the song “Post Apocalyptic Blues” from the forthcoming album Los Dos due out in July. The album was produced by Chris and Adrienne Isom and Jay Braun; engineered and mastered by Jay Braun and Kevin Jarvis.  Musicians on Los Dos are Chis Isom on guitar and vocals; Adrienne Isom on bass and vocals; Justin Smith on drums, percussion and vocals; Dan Wistrom on pedal steel; Elan Glassed on harmonica; Xander Hitzig on fiddle and Carl Byron on keys. “Post Apocalyptic Blues” was written by Chris Isom and Jay Braun.

The video was directed by Adrienne Isom, and features Chris, Adrienne, Maisie and Georgia Isom.  In songs about love, death, demons and our collective souls, Nocona’s music will haunt you.  This one has an ease about it, but trust us, you’ll want to check out the entire album to get a true feel for their range.

“Post Apocalyptic Blues” is a light hearted romp, it’s a rootsy country folk dancey vibe exploring a kind of “It’s the end of the world as we know it” theme. I guess, if i had to pigeon hole it, I might have been thinking a little about Mississippi John Hurt and The Kinks and possibly contemplating a big New Orleans trombone part. The song was originally a kind of a “there goes the neighborhood” lament over one of our favourite diners in our neighborhood getting shut down. I had a lot of lyrics about greasy food initially, but when we started working it out in the studio, it just seemed too greasy food oriented so Jay and I teased out a bunch of apocalyptic related stuff related to the end of the world and possibly the end of a relationship and unrequited love. — Chris Isom

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