Video Premiere/Interview: Tom Mackell’s “Open Road”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Tom Mackell’s video for the song “Open Road,” from his EP A Life I Once Knew, released May 10, 2019. A Life I Once Knew was produced by William Moore and Tom Mackell; engineered by Grady Saxman at Saxman Studios in Nashville, TN with additional vocal engineering by Matt Zutell at Coast Records Studio in Charleston, SC.  It was mixed by Matt Zutell at Coast Records Studio in Charleston, SC and mastered by Cameron Henry at Welcome to 1979 in Nashville, TN.

“Open Road” Tom Mackell on lead vocals; Steven Mullan on background vocals; Grady Saxman on drums, percussion and programming; Tom Galloway on acoustic guitars, mandolin and resonator; Sol Philcox-Littlefield on electric guitars; William Moore on bass and Steve Mullan on keys. With it’s loping groove, “Open Road” is one song you’ll need on your next road trip mixtape, and A Life I Once Knew will tap into your bittersweet nostalgia.

Americana Highways had a chance to chat with Tom Mackell about this song and the project.

AH: What is this song about?  What is the inspiration behind it?

TM: “Open Road” is about the ups and downs of living on the road as an artist. The song is inspired by the feeling you get when you return home to the ones you love. It’s an anthem for all of us who are living on the run and giving it our all.

AH: Whose idea was the video treatment?

TM:  Dries Vandenberg and myself. We were aiming for a montage-style video and wanted to add more of an edgy vibe to certain parts of the video.

AH:  Who directed the video?  How did you come to work with that person?

TM: Dries Vandenberg. We met in Charleston around 2013 and have been friends since. Dries plays lead guitar in SUSTO and Human Resources and is a local videographer as well. Follow him on Instagram: @PracticalEffect.

AH: Where did you film the video?

TM: We filmed it in Charleston, SC at some of my favorite spots: The Royal American, Surf Bar, Awendaw, and Folly Beach.

AH: Any crazy/fun stories from the video shoot you’d like to share?

TM: Nothing too crazy. I guess my “donut” felt pretty weak from behind the wheel… fortunately Dries was able to make it look somewhat cool. The Chevy Tahoe I am driving in the video has been with me since high school, and I’ve driven it to almost every gig over the last decade. Here’s to another 10, hopefully!

AH: What’s next for Tom Mackell?

TM: Lots of shows (full band and solo) and exciting new releases in the upcoming months. Stay tuned.

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