Song Premiere: Sweet Water Warblers’ “Mother’s Voice”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Sweet Water Warblers’ song “Mother’s Voice,” which was produced by Dan Knobler (Lake Street Dive, Caroline Spence). “Mother’s Voice” is Rachael Davis, May Erlewine, and Lindsay Lou on vocals; Maya de Vitry on acoustic guitar; Dan Knobler on baritone electric guitar; Anthony da Costa on electric guitar; Jen Gunderman on piano; Ethan Jodziewicz on bass; and Jamie Dick on drums and percussion.

“Mother’s Voice” is an abjectly beautiful tribute to the sacred thread that binds a mother and child.  Sweet Water Warblers’ songs are more than the sum of the musical elements, they each embody a distinctly ethereal element.

I remember when we were working on this one together, the conversations were so beautiful we had chills and our hearts were full of wonder as we found the right words.
We sang it together in the Nashville night for the first time, and it felt like we entered into an eternity of devotion. The nurturing parts of us long to be acknowledged, this song does just that. –May

Mother nature has stopped us in our tracks like one big collective human child. Is this what we didn’t know we needed? To find ourselves in the womb of our closest relationships. Under the pressure of a-world-becoming. Suspended long enough to hear the hum of thoughts and the beating heart.

When it gets this real, I think there’s a lifeline that connects us to ourselves, to the ones who grew us, and to the great mother Gaia that’s as continuous as time. This song is about exactly that.

It’s about when we hear her heart beat steady as our own. We mean it as a lullaby, a meditation and a lighthouse in the dark of the storm. — Lindsay 

Mother’s Voice was the last song we finished writing for the album, it was the last song we recorded when we tracked the album, and, naturally, is the last song on the album. When we were imagining the concept for this project in its birthing stages, we talked about which tunes would be the pillars of the program to help form our full view of what we intended to create. After penning those pillars and putting them in place, “Mother’s Voice” became the eaves that rest upon them and offer shelter for the listener in the final moments of this record. — Rachael

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